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Welcome Cary to the Appen Family!

By Tamara Lapinskas · July 26, 2013

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Join us in welcoming Cary to the Social Instinct Family! We are thrilled to introduce Cary Quintana to our team as the Director of Sales and Business Development for Social Instinct.

We wanted to get to know Cary a little better, so we asked her a few questions…interview style:

Tamara Lapinskas (TL): What is your favorite wine?

Cary Quintana (CQ): While not discriminating against any beverage, as of today, I am a fan of Oregon’s (North Willamette) Pinot Noir.

TL: You’ve travelled a long way from home, moving from Florida…what do you miss most about Miami?

CQ: Aside from my family, I would say the 365 days of Caribbean-style weather.

TL: A fan of the heat then! Northern California must be a little chilly in comparison. What do you like most about California?

CQ: There are so many things I love about California, from the beautiful scenic backdrops to all of the outdoor activities. Driving home from the office always reminds me of a comment someone made to me about NorCal being "God’s Country.” Most of all, I love that I am so close to my favorite pastime – the wine country.”

TL: You’re going to be working on business development initiatives for the Curator360 platform, so I’m curious to know what your sales style is.

CQ: For me, it is really important to understand the clients’ strategy, objectives, and challenges in order to provide a solution that will create a mutually beneficial business relationship. I like to bring a consultative approach, which allows me to create credibility and trust. Fostering the relationship is very key.

TL: Finally, Social Instinct is highly focused on social media, so what do you like most about social media?

CQ: I like how impactful and powerful creating, sharing, and exchanging information and ideas through "word of mouth enthusiasm" can be. While seemingly simple, brands are still figuring it out, and what I love the most is that Social Instinct and Curator360 could provide a solution.

TL: Thank you Cary! We are excited to have you join our family!

Help us welcome Cary and if you have any questions for her, feel free to ask them in a comment below!

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Ann Basco wrote almost 6 years ago

Welcome Cary!! 


Johan Wikman wrote almost 6 years ago

Welcome Cary. Fun to have a new face in the office.

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