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Why Social Instinct is AWESOME.

By Tamara Lapinskas · July 26, 2013

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Sadly, my days working at Social Instinct as an intern have come to an end. While I’m excited to study abroad in London, the past six weeks have been filled with fun memories and learning experiences. So, as a little goodbye article, I’ve decided to share with you why I think Social Instinct is awesome.

1. Lunchtime soccer: Playing soccer at lunch was a more recent thing, but I enjoyed being able to stretch my legs and break up the work day with other people who enjoyed playing soccer. Just a warning, if you play with Adrian, watch out for his elbows.

2. You learn something new every day: Whether it was Rachael teaching me tips about graphic design, Keith teaching me about how to use Twitter for a business, Ann teaching me about article writing, sales, marketing, and where to get the best sparkle clothing, or everyone’s Starbucks order, I learned something new every single day.

3. Creativity: Social Instinct is a creative environment and allows for creativity. Of course there are certain things required of you, but all in all, Social Instinct encourages you to be creative in all aspects of the company. Whether it’s suggesting a new feature you’d like to see on Kontribune or writing a funny, useful article, creativity thrives and is highly encouraged.

4. The people: At Social Instinct, you are surrounded by brilliant people. Every employee at Social Instinct is incredibly smart and talented at what they do. In a TED talk I listened to a couple weeks ago, the speaker suggested you surround yourself with people who have a direction and who will push you to do great things because they themselves are doing great things. At Social Instinct, everyone is doing AMAZING things and being surrounded by people with a vision definitely helped me focus on my own vision.

5. Coffee anyone?: The coffee card. Social Instinct loves Starbucks and with one right next to the office…well, there’s always a coffee run at least once a day.

6. It’s a Family: Social Instinct is a family. From the very first day I felt welcome and immediately included. Everyone is happy and gets along well (let’s keep the bickering to a minimum kids!). One day at lunch, we were even asked if we were having a family lunch. Mommy Ann? Rachael, Adrian, Alejandro, and I quadruplets?

Needless to say, I’m going to miss my Social Instinct family and I want to thank everyone at Social Instinct for giving me an experience that was fulfilling, enjoyable, and exciting.


Tamara Lapinskas .xx

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Ann Basco wrote almost 6 years ago

Tam!! Sniff sniff  --- we will miss you and your punny sense of humor! Thanks for all that you did!! See you on Big Ben & Me.. 


Tamara Lapinskas wrote almost 6 years ago

I'll miss you guys too! Thank you so much for everything you've taught me this summer- I learned a TON and enjoyed myself while at it. 


Johan Wikman wrote almost 6 years ago

Tam, I'm really going to miss your sunny disposition around the office. It has been a pleasure to have you in the office and getting to know you this summer. I hope you will back to visit soon and work someday. Have a wonderful trip to the other side of the pond. I'll make sure to track your adventures on bigbenandme.


Johan Wikman wrote almost 6 years ago

And yes, look out for Adrian's elbows on the soccer field. Just ask Mark B ;).

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