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Tips for making a good advertising campaign

By Tamara Lapinskas · July 03, 2013

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Advertisement is vital in product promotion or general communication, which is why there is an ad option on Kontribune. Are you trying to make a good 300x250 ad and feeling stuck? Here are some tips to help you out! 

Good storytelling

A good storyteller will be able to evoke emotions. Finding a writer who can do so will increase the value of your advertisement, and if done properly, could possibly make your entire campaign.

Focus on the message

It is easy to get lost in a slew of ideas, so make sure you keep your message/idea at the front of your mind. Maybe have a whiteboard with the message written on it somewhere visible so that whenever you’re brainstorming for the ad you see it. Imagine if I just started discussing the particular green color of the leaves on the tree outside my office window. You would be wondering the relevancy to an article on advertising campaigns, right? How will a discussion of a forest green leaf help me make a better campaign? While this is an extreme example, it serves to provide my point: think about what you want your ad to say and don’t stray too far from the message.


Tradition can be used to your advantage. If you’re a bigger company and have been around for a while, perhaps it is time to create a Christmas ad that airs every December. Repetition goes with this. If people are seeing a certain ad every December, they’ll begin remembering it, which increases the likelihood they’ll buy into your advertisement. I like cats. I like cats. I like cats. Oh, what was that? I like cats? How’d you know?

Focus on the differences of your product

Many markets are made up of more than one company because no one company is exactly the same. Discover what makes your product different and focus on that difference. Showing people why your product is better and what makes it different than other products will help your ad, provided that the difference actually is, you know, a positive one.

Try non-traditional

Be different. write your ad in all lower case and end with a period WRITE IN ALL CAPS SO PEOPLE YELL YOUR AD IN THEIR HEAD WHILE READING!!! Use only shades of purple. Traditional approaches are classic. They work and are proven to work. But, if you do something new and innovative, you’ll be more likely to catch people’s attention. However, be careful because the non-traditional approach will always have a higher risk factor.


Similar to the non-tradition approach, diversity is important. SwItCh iT Up!


Keep in mind, though, that simplicity is still important. You can make your ad diverse, non-traditional, repetitive, etc., but simple. Overwhelming a viewer or potential client will raise their stress levels. Give them space. Give them room to breathe. Give them room to think. Give them room to…repeatedly return to how awesome your product is.

Interaction (the participate and share factor)

Participation seems to keep K-12 children engaged, right? So, why wouldn’t it work for everyone else? Find a way to let people participate with your campaign and give them an easy way to share it with friends. If you’re promoting a romantic Zac Efron movie, allow fans to ‘Kiss Zac!’ by pasting a picture of themselves next to one of Zac Efron, and then easily share the photo with their friends.

Find the right target group

Make sure you target the right group of people. Going off the ‘Kiss Zac Efron’ ad campaign, if you target the 80+ crowd they probably won’t be inclined to pay attention to the ad. Ask your 90 year old Grandma if she knows Zac Efron. You would probably want to target the 16-26 crowd, give or take a few years on either side. So, keep in mind who you want to target with your ad and direct the campaign toward that group.

Do your research and be aware of the implications

Research, research, research! The Internet is an excellent tool, ask family and friends, do tests…researching is one of your greatest tools. Find campaigns that worked and see what made them so great. Find campaigns that failed and take note of what they did wrong. Also, be aware of the implications of your ad. The worst thing you can do is insult a group of people. I can guarantee it’ll just make you look bad. I think this one is pretty self-explanatory…no need for me to insult my readers to prove my point.

Entertainment factor

Be funny. Entertainment will guarantee a laugh and a nod of respect, and people are more likely to be attracted to the product they respect. The greatest example is the Clover Farms billboards. “Born and Grazed in Sonoma & Marin County!” “Clo for the Gold!” “Dairying to be great!” Maybe we should all take Rachael’s advice and major in Literature- Pun Writing.

Sounds like good ad-vice…

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sameer khalid wrote 1 day ago

The advertising campaign is very good for increasing the importance of anything maybe this thing can be a website and products. Products are not selling without the advertising because without the advertising people can not get information about your products. Advertising is a very important part of the marketing profession because of the advertising will increase the selling of the products and increasing the value of the things.

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