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Ciao! Buon giorno!

By Tamara Lapinskas · July 01, 2013

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Hello! Good day!

This year, the Italian Street Painting Festival of Marin may as well been renamed the Italian ‘Heat’ Painting Festival of Marin. Temperatures hit heavily as June crept to an end, indicating the true arrival of summer. Goodbye, June Gloom!

Last Thursday, June 27th, A Street and part of Fifth Street in Downtown San Rafael were re-tarred, creating a blank black sheet of canvas. Friday, artists began taking over the street, and pictures started coming to life. By Sunday, the street was covered with gorgeous images.

The Italian Street Painting Festival Marin was created by Youth in Arts in the year 1994, headed by Sue and Joe Carlomagno. Nineteen years later, after a few bumps and spins in the form of a two-year hiatus, the festival came back to San Rafael for 2013. Send a big thank you to the sponsors- found here, who made this years Italian Street Painting Festival possible!

Toddlers to 12 year olds could draw in their own 2’x2’ square, allowing families to come join the fun! Alongside the children, featured artists included Tracy Lee Stum, Jay Schwartz, Arnold Shimizu, and Sara Mordecai, amongst many others. All of the artists were simply fantastic and their chalk skills superbly impressive!

Please send your prayers for Sue Carlomagno, who was hospitalized a couple days before the festival with a heart attack. Sue has given Marin county so much- from community to art- and we would love for her to be able to see her footprint continue.

While A Street and Fifth are already washed, re-tarred, and ready to drive on again at 4PM today, hopefully the Italian Street Painting Festival Marin will be back again next year…with a little less heat?

Did you melt at the Italian Street Painting Festival Marin 2013? What was your favorite piece? How did you keep cool in the heat? Comment below with your 2013 Italian Street Painting Festival experience!

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