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Welcome Alejandro to the Appen Family!

By Tamara Lapinskas · July 01, 2013

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Social Instinct sends a warm welcome to our other summer intern! Say hello to Alejandro Frias, who will be joining the engineering group- Mike, Matt, and Johan- and helping with product development.

Alejandro is a computer science major at Harvey Mudd College, one of the prestigious Claremont colleges. Recently, he visited his sister in Bologna, Italy for a Eurotrip. Alejandro wishes he could speak every language, but if it just took a wish we’d all be language aficionados! He gains a gold star for his fluency in Spanish, but Alejandro says he has become a little rusty with a couple years of no practice. Next time visit Spain instead?!

So, what does Alejandro want to be when he grows up? A kid. Never grow up, Alejandro! Peter Pan will welcome you with open arms. Just follow the second star to the right and straight on till morning!

Now, as a computer science major, we were curious to know what video or online games Alejandro considered as his favorite. Alejandro answered that he was partial to Counter-Strike, but hasn’t had much time lately to play anything other than iPhone games, CandyCrush in particular.

Welcome Alejandro, the all-star intern, as he boards the internShip and shoots off to Neverland (a.k.a. Social Instinct)!

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Adrian Buncuga wrote almost 6 years ago

awww yeah, the millenials are taking over!!


Ann Basco wrote almost 6 years ago

All of our interns are superstars! Welcome Alejandro!


Diane Caldwell wrote almost 6 years ago

Welcome, Alejandro.  We are delighted to have a new superstar joining our team of SI superstars for the summer.  Have fun as you delve into the inner workings of our IT infrastructure.  Glad to have you with us.  Hope to see you on the East Coast one of these days so that you can pick up a new language, New York'ese. 


Rachael Bogdanovich wrote almost 6 years ago

We do not speak of Candy Crush Saga, Alejandro. It feeds itself on every spare moment of time you have. (Oh yeah, and welcome to the intern gang!)


Leo Collier wrote 3 months ago

Welcome Alejandro! Nice news!


Leo Collier wrote 2 months ago

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