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Litterati, Litter-art-i

By Tamara Lapinskas · June 28, 2013

Pictures from the Litterati website. <span>&copy;  </span>

Pictures from the Litterati website.

Green grasses speckled with red Coke cans, pale sidewalks scattered with cigarette butts, red brick embedded with beer bottle tops…I wish I could say this was an imaginary world, but sadly, it isn’t.

 Litter covers the streets and it is in our hands to do something about it.

Jeff Kirschner noticed both of these things, and litter-aly changed the environmentalist world. He took modern technology into account, paired it with litter, and began making art while cleaning up the streets, one picture at a time, with his company, Litterati.

Litterati uses four simple steps: 1) Find a piece of litter, 2) photograph it with Instagram, 3) hashtag your photo with #litterati, and 4) throw away, recycle, or compost the litter.

In this way, picking up trash becomes something creative and artistic while helping clean up our world. You can check to see if your photo made it on their homepage, too! Their website: litterati.

Get out Instagram everyone and join Litterati on their litter-art-i quest! Link a picture to your trashterpiece in the comment section below! (: 

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Ann Basco wrote almost 6 years ago

Amazing creativity. Such a clever way to use social media and crowdsourcing to improve our environment. 


Johan Wikman wrote almost 6 years ago

Crowdsourcing garbage clean up. Brilliant!

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