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Break the engagement!

By Tamara Lapinskas · June 28, 2013

The ultimate work goal. <span>&copy;  </span>

The ultimate work goal.

Are you married or engaged to your desk?

If you’re on the fast track to eloping with your plush swivel chair and desk, take a moment to consider what you’re doing. Would your boss approve? Would your co-workers approve? Don’t you want your family and friends to be there?

In all seriousness, though, marriage to your desk at work is a full-time effort that’s bad for your body and your mind! Here are some tips to help you break the engagement.

Deskercise. Yes, it’s a thing. Probably the easiest way to get away from the sedentary, nine to five work life is by finding ways to exercise in your office. Don’t just sit there! Lift your legs, one at a time, horizontally and hold for 15 seconds. Do dips using your chair arms, or facing backwards off your desk. Stand up and walk around your office for a minute every 45 minutes to an hour. If you don’t mind the weird looks from coworkers, do some lunges down the hallway on your way to a meeting. Stretch. Take the stairs! Follow the advice of my fellow intern, Alejandro, and do some butt clenches in your chair. These are just some tips to keeping active while keeping up with your continuous stream of emails and conference calls.

We’re all human and we’re all competitive. Maybe you’re not the ‘Type A, must win’ athlete, but there’s a little innate voice in all of us screaming not to lose. The key to competition is shaping it in a positive way. How can you do this in the office? Devices such as the Fitbit or Up band by Jawbone allow you to track your movement and sleep cycle, count your steps, and compare to coworkers and friends online. Bob in the cubicle next to yours got 10,000 steps to your 7,000 yesterday? Try to beat him tomorrow.

Even better, post a weekly article to your Kontribune page with results from the week. Top deskerciser gets a shout out and maybe even a prize?? Not only will this engage your employees, but readers will see what a great work environment your business has and will be enticed to join the fun!

How do you get the cricks and crinks out of your neck, back, shoulders, and body at work? Comment below with your favorite stretch or deskercise!

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Ann Basco wrote almost 6 years ago

Great ideas. I have a friend who does "walking meetings" with her team. The get some exercise while doing business. Win-win! 

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