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Love At First Site

By Tamara Lapinskas · June 27, 2013

Images + Articles = Heart eyes <span>&copy;  </span>

Images + Articles = Heart eyes

While the internet hasn’t mastered the use of all five senses, the first step to utilizing your site is the sense of sight. Internet users daily flick through hundreds of pages on their computer or tablet, so how do you catch the daily readers attention? The answer is simple: photographs.

Photographs are an easy way to attract a reader and with the right picture, you could spark the interest of many, enticing them to read the words behind the image.

Now, think back to high school or university when a teacher or professor would be lecturing with a powerpoint presentation. Which presentation did you like more: the one with big chunks of text you could barely read, or the one with interesting pictures as well as text? The latter should be the obvious answer. This applies to articles, too, as readers are more likely to engage with an article that has a photograph.

However, you cannot just choose a random picture and attach it to your article. The photograph needs two qualities: 1) relevance to your article and 2) relevance to the audience. The relevance to your article is needed because it doesn’t make sense to have a picture of butterflies if you’re writing an article on bumble bees. You would want a picture of a bee, right? At the same time, though, try to target the picture with relevance to your audience. If you’re trying to attract an audience of mainly pregnant women, use photographs of babies or baby products. In this way, you will both validate your article while attracting a specific audience.

If you’re a business or photographer, there are a couple websites you can use to either buy or sell pictures. iStock photo is a website on which you can purchase pictures to use for business purposes. An array of categories allows you to find the perfect picture for your article. Getty Images is another website on which you can find and purchase photos. iStock photo has a free section, as well, if you would like to test the picture quality.

The benefits of using photographs in an article are clear, but it leads me to wonder, what image attracts you to an article? 

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Ann Basco wrote almost 6 years ago

Great tips! And I agree, the internet needs to work on its scratch n sniff capabilities.  

When I was in college we didn't have Powerpoint - my professors scratched on our cave walls with bones. But the ones with pictures were way better. 


Johan Wikman wrote almost 6 years ago

This is so true. The impact of a good image cannot be underestimated. I believe great images has a much better chance of invoking emotions then both written word and video. Great pictures stay with us forever.


Keith Crowell wrote almost 6 years ago

Great article Tamara. I frequently use Flickr Creative Commons photos to add engaging elements to my presentations. I will usually attribute the photographer in a special slide at the end of my preso. If you're interested you find a couple of my presentions on SlideShare here. 


Preston Kendall wrote 6 months ago

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