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How to Engage Your Audience

By Ann Basco · June 24, 2013

Start the conversation! Who what when where why?  <span>&copy;  </span>

Start the conversation! Who what when where why?

Social Instinct is proud to have a wide variety of clients across the United States and in the Asia-Pacific region. Nonprofits, governmental entities, technology firms, and retail businesses all have internal and external microcommunities collaborating on Kontribune.

Why? Kontribune is a great way to contain a conversation, reducing email overload. Project teams, departments, and groups all have a unique set of needs and goals, and Kontribune is the platform that allows groups to communicate efficiently. 

If you are new to Kontribune, you might wonder what's the best way to create active engagement?  The best way is to simply ask. Write your story or post your video, then ask your community members to chime in. 

Like this:

Did you find this story helpful? What was one of your most popular Kontribune story topics, and what was the "ask?"

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Rachael Bogdanovich wrote almost 6 years ago

My most popular story on Kontribune was a birthday piece where I asked our employees how many different ways they could say happy birthday. I ended up with 20 comments and over 20 languages. Replies are still popping up! 

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