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Transforming Into Our Moms

By Ann Basco · May 08, 2013

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Mommy Ink

When we are babies, our mommies are the center of our universe. As tweens, they embarrass us. Then sometime in our late teens, we return to our moms, only to love and appreciate them even more. In my case, I was grateful that my horrible attitude as a tweener didn't result in my parents leaving me with a family of wolves.

As a twenty-something, I started to notice myself doing things in a way that reminded me of my mom. We would show up at family parties wearing practically the same outfit. We both over-organize our closets and houses "so well" that we have hidden things from ourselves. We are both excessive worriers, and as a result, good planners.

In my thirties, I realized it was official. I had become my mom. 

Have you turned into your Mom? If so, what are the things you do just like her? 

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Keith Crowell wrote about 6 years ago

My mom, when I was younger, would strike up conversations with absolute strangers. As a kid, I found it so embarrassing. We would be at the doctor's office, the grocery store, a restaurant. If someone was close to her for longer than 30 seconds, she'd make a comment and more often than not, the person would respond and be in an immediate conversation with her.

The older I get, the more I find myself doing this. I think I got my inherent desire to get to know those around and build communities from her. 

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