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Work Life Balance: Reconnection Thanks to No Cell Reception

By Ann Basco · April 18, 2013

Practicing work life balance. <span>&copy;  </span>

Practicing work life balance.

Coach Emily, a friend of Social Instinct, has been sharing some great thoughts and tips with us lately on how to achieve better work/life balance. Recently, while on vacation, I attempted to follow her advice. In today's world we are wired with multiple devices and instantaneous ways to stay in touch. For many reasons, I'm fine with being connected 24/7. If I'm at work and something goes wrong at school, I want to be notified immediately about the status of my children. However, when I'm on vacation with my family at the beach, I'm also grateful for spotty cell reception. No cable and limited cell connectivity means we only have the sand, the surf, and ourselves for playmates.  You could call it family reconnection as a result of no cell reception. 

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Lakshmi S wrote about 6 years ago

Wonderful idea to shortlist locations with no connectivity for all family trips:)


Johan Wikman wrote about 6 years ago

Looks like you got this one down! Great form.

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