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Tips for Increasing Your Social Media Audience: Twitter Edition

By Keith Crowell · February 18, 2013

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After recently launching our Social Media Strategy for Social Instinct and pushing the team here to start generating meaningful and interesting content, I’ve started looking into best practices around increasing our audience on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn as well as our own social media platform, Kontribune.

In this part 1, of a 3 part series, I’m going to focus in on Twitter.

In regards to personal social media accounts, I'm finding from a business standpoint, Twitter and LinkedIn are used far more often than Facebook for personal, business related updates. Personal Facebook accounts are used for personal, non-business related updates. I personally prefer this. 

Business social media accounts are great vehicle for updates about the business. Updates can include what conferences we will be at, who has recently joined the company, or exciting new business partners that have come onboard. It is also great to intermix some personal tweets on the business account to keep it interesting and engaging for others. Some great examples include @razorfish and @wearesocial.

I'm happy with where the @socialinstincts Twitter account has become in the last few weeks. I'd really like to start expanding our reach and get more Followers.


As I mentioned before, I like to make sure I have a goals set up before charging forward. As I’m just starting to put these techniques into practice for the @SocialInstincts twitter account I'm hoping this goal should be relatively easy to achieve. At the writing of this article the Social Instict Twitter account is currently at a whopping 19 Followers and is Following 26 Users. I’m going to attempt to double this amount over the next few weeks. 

With that in mind here are my top 5 key points I’m going to follow to achieve this:

Participate in trending topics

When you log into Twitter there is a widget that load on the left-hand side labeled “Trends.” Use some of the topics in a Tweet. But remember number two of Winning with Social Media, be relevant.

Follow key, or, relevant people or companies

Directly above the Trends widget is the Who to Follow widget. Click “View All” to see a listed of suggested Twitter Users for you to follow. Also, try to think of thought leaders and companies in your space. Search for those and Follow them. Set a target number of new Followers each day and try to stick to it. Hopefully a percentage of those Follows will Follow you back, extend your reach, and get you into some new interesting social graphs. 

Put links to your twitter profile everywhere: emails, websites, tattoos?

Simple advertising. Broadcast your Twitter handle everywhere you can think of. Put it on your Website, in your Email signature, on your business card, in blog posts (@SocialInstincts ;). Maybe a tattoo is going a little too far, unless you’re a tattoo artist. Get your user name out there and encourage people to look you up.

Tweet pictures. People love to retweet pics

It’s a simple fact, Tweets, or any posts for that matter that contain rich media get more attention. Try Tweeting some pics with your Tweets. Or video. We’ve been using the short video making mobile app Vine a lot around here lately and love it. Get some more interesting content out there and see if this doesn’t increase your retweets.

Tweet and retweet at peak times

Studies show (here and here) that the best times to Tweet, and retweet are in the afternoon, between 1 – 3 PM. Tweets in the morning don’t fair as well. Huh, look at that, I published, and Tweeted this article at 3 PM PST. Conisidence, I don't think so. 

For more tips and tricks on increasing your Twitter reach, check out this article from Kevin Rose here.

Also, I got the image for this article here

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Keith Crowell wrote over 6 years ago

Well, that wasn't too hard, we are already at 58 Followers, Following 262.

Johan Wikman wrote over 6 years ago

Thanks Keith. Some really useful information in here. Let the following begin.
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