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Salsa Labs Unleashes New Advocacy Site on Kontribune

By Paul Remer · January 24, 2013

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Salsa Labs,  a leading vendor of software solutions for the non profit community has released a new Kontribune newspaper. Advocacy Unleashed is an online journal for nonprofit advocates. It’s the only publication of its kind that offers focused insights on the art of advocacy organizing. The first issue offers an array of articles from leading experts on local advocacy, strategy tips and key organizing resources. 

The newspaper is open to the public at

More about Salsa Labs: Salsa Labs helps nonprofits and political campaigns to build, organize and engage a base of support, more efficiently and effectively. Salsa currently supports more than 2,000 organizations’ relationships with more than 75 million donors, members, activists and fans all around the world. We can do more things together than we can apart. Visit Salsa online at

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