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Why We Do What We Do

By Keith Crowell · January 10, 2013

Johan Wikman, CTO at Social Instinct, sent around an email yesterday with a link to a TED talk by Simon Sinek titled, “How great leaders inspire action.” The subject line of the email was, “Why we do what we do.” Which, personally, I feel is much better title for this talk.

Simon’s talk, and the title of the email from Johan, really got me thinking about why I’m at Social Instinct. Why I’m so excited to get out of bed every morning and dive into work. It’s because I really believe in what we are about. We truly believe that success can be found in building a strong, healthy community. We believe you can do this by combining human knowhow and smart technology.

We actually mention this on www.socialinstinct.com. “We believe that the better you know your community, the more successful you’ll be in harnessing the power of social media. We combine the strength of a global crowd and the scalability of custom social platforms and applications to help you know, monitor and engage your community. An engaged community leads to successful social campaigns, improved brand perception and increased ROI on your social media investment. Know your community, grow your community.”

I’ve included a link to the video in this article and highly recommend setting aside 18 minutes of your day and give it a watch.  It will be totally worth your time. 

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Johan Wikman wrote over 6 years ago

This story is very inspirational. The fact that we are talking about what excites us and how this impacts the world around us is fantastic.

Keith Crowell wrote over 6 years ago

Thanks for the positive feedback, Johan.
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